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 The d-Learning Expert

Education for the digital age

DidacDesign is an experienced service provider for all aspects of digital education, from consulting and project reviews to concepts, project management and implementations.

 100+ years of experience

The sum of our experiences in the relevant domains assures our clients a realistic approach and an effective realization.

  • 40 years Learning Design
  • 25 years e-Learning
  • 20 years Learning Technology
  • 10+ years Learning Process Design
  • 5+ years Learning Business Process Outsourcing


Our professional services are focused on all aspects of Digital Education and Learning Technology.

  • Consulting on strategy and design of digital learning
  • Integration of learning and HR processes
  • Process design for learning management and administration
  • Evaluation of learning technology systems and components
  • Coaching and review of training and learning technology projects
  • Project management for training and learning technology projects
  • Standardization and migration of learning content
  • Learning Analytics including Big Data scenarios